The role and classification of flotation agents

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   The role and classification of flotation agents:
    Flotation agent to improve the flotation system in the gas, liquid, solid three-phase nature, mainly to improve the gas properties, so that the resulting bubble size, quantity, life, floating speed and so on
Can meet the flotation requirements; change the surface properties of minerals, making it more conducive to adhesion with the bubbles and float, adjust the surface properties of minerals, minerals and other substances in the nature of the role,
Can not float minerals can be floating, enabling floating minerals better floating or temporarily not floating minerals first suppressed, and then activated, flotation, and improve the flotation selectivity and flotation speed
A very important role. Flotation results are good or bad, flotation agents is an important factor. The chemicals used in the flotation process are called flotation agents. Coal flotation is dependent
According to the difference between the surface wettability or hydrophobicity of coal and gangue particles, the sorting process is realized. It is also a complex physical and chemical process of coal in gas - liquid - solid three - phase system
Essentially the hydrophobic minerals adheres to the bubbles, and the debris such as hydrophilic gangue remains in the water to achieve the separation of each other. The role of flotation agent is mainly to improve the surface of coal sparse
Water and coal in the bubble on the adhesion of the firmness, in the pulp to promote the formation of a large number of bubbles, to prevent the merger of bubbles and improve the stability of the bubble, so that coal particles selectively sticking bubbles
And floating. Therefore, in the regulation of coal and mineral impurities in the surface properties, improve the rate of coal flotation and selectivity, etc., flotation agents play a very important role. Obviously, coal
And the difference between the hydrophobic difference between the gangue particles, the more accurate sorting, the better the flotation index. Therefore, one of the purposes of using flotation agents in the flotation process is to increase
Differences in hydrophobicity between coal and gangue particles. Usually in accordance with the use of agents in the flotation process or the role of the classification.